Rendezvou – Driving Directions and Info

We are in the beginning stages of receiving 911 addresses for our cabins.
The 911 address for your cabin is:

555 Stevens Rd
Broken Bow, OK 74728

We would appreciate hearing from you to let us know if the 911 address worked in your GPS device. We have been advised that it could take up to one year for all the addresses to work properly.

Drive directly to your cabin and make yourselves at home. Your five arrival steps are listed below:

1) Approximately 5-10 days prior to arrival a 2nd confirmation will be sent that includes your combination lock code to enter your cabin.

2) Please print your confirmation as it includes your driving directions to your cabin. (Please add us to your address book to receive the reminder e-mail)

3) Please print the map link below to assist you with driving directions to your cabin.

The map is not to scale; it is just a tool to help you find your cabin. You will need the written directions below and the map! Please print both!

Office check-in not required, simply drive to your cabin and make yourself at home:

4) DIRECTIONS TO RENDEZVOU CABIN from the city of Broken Bow, OK:

Hwy 259 North – approximately 15 miles north of Broken Bow. Landmarks: You will pass 3 Beavers Bend State Park Signs and a Cedar Creek Golf Course sign.
Continue past the Cedar Creek Golf Course sign for approximately 1 mile. Turn left at the white sign with green lettering that reads “Northern Hills”. There is also a small green street sign, Stevens Road. (Very hard to see in the dark). There is a 45 mph speed limit sign on the right a little past the Northern Hills road. If you go past the speed limit sign, you have gone too far. Follow the gravel road until to you see a white fence on the right.(Do not turn in the entrance area of the white fence.) Go past the white fence and follow the winding road as it curves along a pipe fence. The next cabin on the right is Whispering Woods. Turn right at the next gravel road. As the road curves to the right you will see the Rendezvou cabin. The name of the cabin is on the door

5) RENDEZVOU Cabin has a realtor lock box mounted by the front door. You will need to enter the combination code into the box and pull the box open. (pull the knob down and towards you to open the box) The key inside the box will open the front door. We ask that you return the key to the box and use it as your emergency key in case you lock yourself out of the cabin. There are extra sets of keys inside the cabin for your use.

Wireless internet network LOG ON: Rendezvous/Whispering Woods
PASSWORD: LakeCountry