Beavers Bend Lodging Cabin Policies


Beavers Bend Lodging Reservations can be made on-line or by calling:

Guest Reservations Policies, Payments & Cancellations

Hello, I’m Janet Cress and I look forward to being your cabin host while you are visiting our area. I would like to THANK YOU for considering our cabins. We wish you every comfort during your stay and welcome you back anytime.

We hope the outline below answers all of your questions but if it does not, please e-mail or call the office. Our business office telephone lines are open daily from 9am – 5pm. We look forward to meeting all our campers and hope you visit us at Janet’s Treasure Chest, a unique gift shop in Hochatown.

RATES & DATES: Rates are charged by the number of nights that you are staying in the cabin, not by the days. All cabins have a minimum “night” stay requirement of 2 nights.

There is a 3 or 4 night stay requirement on all major holidays and selected dates throughout the year. Rates vary by season and there is a base rate for all cabins as well as additional charges for additional guests.

One (1) night rentals are considered and are not available more than 1 week in advance of arrival. One night rentals are considered only if it makes good business sense to do so. We cannot accommodate one night stays in 4, 5, or 6 bedroom cabins – the cost to clean normally exceeds our commission. Discounts are not available for one night rentals. Full rack rates apply and include additional fees for outside cleaning services.

ADDITIONAL PER PERSON CHARGES: Each cabin has a base rate for a set number of people and then $12.00 for each additional person, per night. Children 3 and under are free. We respectfully ask that you give us accurate information about the total number of people in your cabin.

PET CHARGES: Some cabins allow pets and the charge is a non-refundable per pet, per night fee. Please do not bring unauthorized pet(s) as there is always evidence! Pet fees range from $15 to $25 per night, per pet. If booking on-line, please let us know if you will be bringing more than 1 pet in the comment section, we will adjust before sending you a confirmation

State Park Parking Pass

New Parking fee required to park inside the Beavers Bend State Park or Broken Bow Lake"

(This fee does not apply to parking at your cabin)

Purchase a parking pass via these options:

  • Pay in advance online – select P4602 – Beavers Bend State Park
  • Pay upon arrival using any smartphone by texting 'PARK' to 504504. You will be texted a link to make payment via secure mobile website using Apple Pay, Google Pay or any debit/credit card.
  • Through the Premium Parking app, available as a free download for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Via pay machines at park offices and at other locations around the participating parks. Machines will take credit/debit cards and cash but do not give change. You will need to enter your vehicle's license plate info, so take a photo or remember your license plate number.

Note: Oklahoma residents aged 62 and older and honorably discharged veterans will receive free parking passes (100% discount). Park staff must confirm eligibility. See park office for details - you must provide your vehicle's license plate number.

Parking passes help fund improvements to Oklahoma State Parks and the preservation of the Parks' natural resources.

Parking pass rates are per vehicle

Click on link to choose your pass

Annual Pass - 1 License Plate - Valid at all State Parks w/ Paid Parking $75.00

1 Day - Passenger Vehicle  - $10.00

2 Days - Passenger Vehicle  $20.00

3 Days - Passenger Vehicle - $30.00

7 Days - Passenger Vehicle - $35.00

14 Days - Passenger Vehicle - $70.00

Bus Pass

1 Day – Bus $25.00

2 Days – Bus $50.00

All passenger vehicles with a license plate must register and prepay the parking pass fee for the duration of the visit. Hauling trailers are not considered passenger vehicles and do not require a parking pass. Eligibility for parking discounts will be verified only if a state is entered with your license plate during checkout. Any other discounts require further verification at your park office. Parking passes will be enforced by patrol agents authenticating license plate information for validity. Citations with fines will be administered to all violators.


All Cabins are Family Friendly. WE DO NOT ALLOW PARTY GROUPS

AGE REQUIREMENT: For groups of 4 or less: Everyone in the group must be 21 or above. Exceptions are made for married couples ages 18-21. 
The restriction is to eliminate parties in our cabins. All cabins are Family Friendly 

AGE REQUIREMENT for groups of 5 or more : All cabins are Family Friendly. You must be at least 25 years of age to reserve or stay in a vacation rental. Everyone in the group must be over the age of 25. We will not rent to vacationing students or singles under 25 years of age or un-chaperoned groups. Upon check-in, we reserve the right to refuse service with monies forfeited if any discrepancies in our policies are suspected. 

Exceptions: Chaperoned Church functions do not fall into the age requirement restriction.

DOWN PAYMENTS: We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. To secure your reservation, we will need a major credit card to apply the down payment. A $100 down payment is required to complete your reservation. Down payments are applied towards the balance. The final payment will be scheduled to automatically post at 5:00 AM - 21 days prior to your arrival.. Please plan to have funds available 20 days prior to prevent a decline.

CONFIRMATION: A Confirmation for your reservation will be emailed to the address provided at the time of reservation. Please review the confirmation for accuracy of dates and accommodations. Please notify Beavers Bend Lodging of any discrepancies in the reservation immediately upon receiving the confirmation. We strongly recommend that you check your dates and the cabin assignment to ensure no mistakes were made. It’s human to error; it’s good practice to double check! We will not compensate for error – your confirmation is sent for you to check.

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR CONFIRMATION: On-Line reservation confirmation will be sent no later than the following morning by 10:00 am.

When making your reservation by calling us directly, a confirmation will be sent immediately after the completion of the call.

If you do not receive your confirmation, please return to the website/contacts and send us a short note, as we cannot always communicate through some servers. We consistently cannot communicate with sbcglobal accounts. If we are not added to your address book, most confirmations fall into your spam/junk mail folder.

Cabins are “Self Check-In”. Approximately 5-10 days prior to arrival a 2nd confirmation will be sent that includes your combination lock code to enter your cabin. Please print your confirmation as it includes your driving directions to your cabin. There are areas of limited cell service so it is best to print out the directions prior to your travel. At anytime, if you need assistance, please call.

FINAL PAYMENT: The final payment will be scheduled to automatically post at 5:00 AM - 21 days prior to your arrival.. Please plan to have funds available 20 days prior to prevent a decline. If you would like to split payments, please ask each person in your group to call us to arrange payment, prior to the final payment. We can only accept payment over $100.00 and a limit of three (3) payments to one account – not including the down payment. In other words, if you have a group of 10 adults, we can only accept 3 payments, your group will need to buddy-up to make the 3 payments. We simply can’t tie up the telephone lines for 10 payments. (The person making the reservation + two others = 3 payments)

CANCELLATIONS: If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation the down payment will not be refunded. To avoid additional penalties, we require a 30-day notice of cancellation. Full rental payment will apply if reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the reservation/arrival date. If the cabin can be re-rented, we will refund you (less) the down payment. Your down payment is non-refundable.

Only the guest named on the reservation may cancel or make changes to a reservation. We request all cancellations in writing, via e-mail. We will accept cancellations via phone call, but will again request a follow-up e-mail.

All cancellations will be issued a cancellation number for your file. We regret that we cannot accept cancellations by voice mail. Your reservation is not cancelled unless you receive a cancellation number.

CHANGING CABINS & CHANGING DATES: Subject to a $45.00 fee. Changing cabins or changing dates cannot be honored during the cancellation clause (30-days; each of the cabins is individually owned). It is considered a cancellation for one owners' cabin and a booking for another owners cabin. Cancellation policies will apply. This clause does not include additions/subtractions to the number of guests. You can change the number of guests in your cabin at any time, even during your stay. There will be no additional fees charged for adding additional nights to your existing reservation aside from the nightly rate. There will be a charge applied for lowering the number of nights on your reservation.

LOST AND FOUND:  If you happen to leave something behind, there will be a minimum of a $45.00 charge to return the items to you. (Beavers Bend Lodging is NOT responsible for items left in cabins.)  We will only hold items for 1 week  -  afterwards the items are given away.  We can not hold lost items for a future visit.  The fee includes postage, administrative fees and payroll,  travel time to retrieve the items, travel time to the city of Broken Bow to ship. And a personal tip to the housekeeper.  We only ship US Postal.  We do not ship UPS or Fed Ex or any other shipping services. 

CHECK-IN TIME IS ANYTIME AFTER 3:00PM (or later): Cabins are Self Check-In. A confirmation email will be sent to you with driving directions to your cabin from [email protected]. If you do not receive the e-mail, please check your junk/spam folder. Please add us to your address book to receive your reminder e-mail with the key code to your cabin.

PLEASE do not arrive early without permission. Extra charges will apply for early arrivals without our knowledge starting at $45 per hour.

CHECK-OUT TIME IS 11:00AM. Housekeeping fees will apply for late checkouts.

Cabins are to be left tidy. Please do not leave dirty dishes for us to clean. If you have a dishwasher – all dirty dishes should be put in the dishwasher and the dishwasher turned on before leaving the cabin. Please pick up your basic trash. That’s it! We’ll do the rest. You do not need to strip the beds or sweep the floors (unless you were extremely messy, then please do so!)

KNOW YOUR WAY: Please find out before you hit the road the directions to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Ensure you have your map and written directions as noted on your confirmation. Cell Service is limited in our area. You may find that your phone has no signal and if you didn't print your confirmation you cannot access it without phone signal.

If traveling in separate vehicles, please ensure your guests have the written driving directions. If your guests are not registered, we cannot provide them with your confirmation information.

If you do not receive a return confirmation by 10:00 am the following morning, please e-mail us: [email protected] and we will "attach" your confirmation and reply to your e-mail.

Your confirmation includes a GPS address to your cabin. Some cabins GPS address will not work.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring your clothes and your food. We suggest you bring outdoor towels for your personal use. Please do not remove anything from the cabin (towels/blankets).

Please do not use our blankets and comforters for picnics, please bring your own. We hope to have everything you need in your cabin to make your stay comfortable. We provide kitchen pots, pans, dishes & bed/bath linen & terry.

If your cabin has a gas BBQ grill, the propane is provided. If your cabin has a charcoal grill, you will need to bring charcoal and lighter fluid.

NO SMOKING IN CABINS: No cabins allow smoking inside. Ashtrays are provided outside for smokers. Please be a courtesy smoker and don’t flip your butts! It costs labor to pick them up!

WE REALLY LIKE OUR TREES! Please do not whack or cut down trees on the owner’s properties. Simply said, they are not your trees to cut! Fines for damaging trees will be charged to your account.

HOT TUBS & COVERS: Please do not allow anyone in your group to walk-on, jump-on or play-on the hot tub covers, they will break. The condition of your hot tub cover was documented prior to your arrival. Our hot tubs are cleaned and chemically treated after every rental. Hot tub use is strictly at your own risk. Persons who have high blood pressure, skin sensitivities, or who might be pregnant are strongly urged not to use a hot tub. Hot tubs can cause your blood pressure to rise if you have been drinking.

PEACE & QUIET TIME IS PROMOTED: Quiet hours begin at 11pm nightly for all cabins including State Park Cabins. If you have a loud next-door neighbor after 11pm, please call for assistance. The cabins are not to be used for parties.

ATV RIDING is prohibited around the cabins or on the cabin property. Most roads around the cabin are county roads and it is illegal to ride a vehicle that is not properly tagged. Fines start at $250 per person and are enforced by the Sheriffs and Game Wardens.

RV HOOK-UPS & TENT CAMPING is prohibited on most cabin properties due to the deed restriction of that area. Please call for clarification before bringing a RV or Tent. (A pup tent for kids play is OK)

SHOOTING GUNS OR FIREWORKS is prohibited on cabin property. Frankly we don’t know where you can set-off fireworks. All land is private or government owned and neither will allow fireworks. If you have a gun and want to target practice, you can in the national forest but MUST have some sort of hunting license. Game Wardens do not like target practice in the woods because of the danger of accidents. Our suggestion is to leave your guns and fireworks at home.

WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS: When on vacation in the forest there is a heightened probability Guests will encounter some type of wildlife, insects or stray animals (normally cats). Each property is professionally treated on a scheduled basis for interior pests, but because of the natural habitation of the forest, no refunds or compensation will be given for any pests inside or outside of cabins. Guests may also encounter dogs or cats at the property. These animals are the family pets of a neighbor or a stray animal. Guests should NOT feed these animals or permit them to enter the cabin. Guest should not allow their children to play with, pet or feed these animals. We are not responsible for any wildlife or animal encounters of any kind. Keep in mind wildlife and strays do NOT have vaccinations. I will not pay your medical bills or attempt to capture or kill a wild animal or stray for rabies observation/testing.


All properties are privately owned, furnished and equipped by the cabin owner. As such, Beavers Bend Lodging (BBL) cannot make any changes to the furnishings or equipment provided by the owner. We cannot alter television provider or subscription package, and cannot guarantee any program or event. Internet service is available at most properties, but BBL cannot be responsible for computer compatibility or internet failure. No refunds or compensation will be given for internet failure or computer incompatibility.

There is a fee of $100 for tampering with the electronics, ie: television, receivers, etc. equipment in the cabins. Please do not unhook or disconnect the equipment for video games or for any other reason. Housekeeping will check the TV’s, DVD’s, stereo, surround sound, etc. to ensure they are in working order. Fines will be strictly enforced to cover the cost of correcting any tampering of equipment. One cabin can take us several hours to correct the wiring mess. Please ensure everything is in working order before you leave your cabin.

QUALITY CONTROL & CUSTOMER SERVICE: Beavers Bend Lodging, Inc. reserves the right to enter the rental property at any time including during Guests stay to respond to a service call for repairs, respond to altercations, investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damage and check for pets.

MAINTENANCE REPAIRS – SERVICE CALLS: Guests understand that Beavers Bend Lodging (BBL) cannot guarantee against encountering problems at cabins. Please report all non-emergency maintenance request to the office between 9am and 4pm for same day response (exception holidays). BBL will make every reasonable effort to address the issue.

Should a repair person make a call to a cabin and find that the equipment is in working order and the problem was due to the guest’s over-site or neglect, the charge for service will be at the guest’s expense. MINIMUM SERVICE CALL FEES START AT $45.00 and could take several hours to respond. This includes locking yourself out of your cabin.

Please call us anytime with an emergency. If your non-emergency can wait till business hours, it would greatly be appreciated.

FIREWOOD is not provided at most cabins. If you would like to purchase firewood and have it delivered to your cabin prior to your arrival, please let us know in advance. We cannot reimburse you for unused wood. Please take it home, it’s yours! We really don’t know if the wood is going to burn well or not & cannot reimburse you for wood that you feel is not satisfactory. We suggest you purchase a fire starter of some type to help your wood burn better.

DO NOT BURN PINE IN ANY INDOOR OR OUTDOOR FIREPLACE. The high sap content of pine wood makes it dangerous. When the sap is burned, it creates tarry smoke that can coat the inside of a fireplace, causing a possible fire hazard. The charge to clean the pine from the fireplace can exceed $500.00.

CLEANING: Linens and towels are included in the cabins; daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. We suggest you bring extra towels for outdoor use. Please do not remove towels or linens from the cabin.

WHAT TO DO ON YOUR CHECK-OUT DATE: You will be responsible for the cleaning during your stay and for leaving the cabin in good condition at checkout. Please remember that you are staying in a privately owned cabin; please treat it as you would want someone to treat your home. If accommodations are left damaged or unusually messy (such as unwashed dishes or stains on the furniture or carpet), an additional cleaning charge will be added to your credit card after your departure. Items in cabin found missing or broken will be charged accordingly.

Liability Notice:

All of our rental properties are privately owned units. All activities involve certain inherent risks of injury up to and including death. It is expressly understood and agreed that neither the owner nor the management company of said premises, shall be liable for any damages or injury to guest, guest’s guests or their family/ies or to any of their property from whatever cause arising from the occupancy or use of the premises by said occupants.

It is also understood that the owner and Beavers Bend Lodging are not responsible for any wildlife or stray animal(s) that may enter the property. Please see additional policy concerning Wildlife & a list of all our policies in the Guest Directory.

If anyone neglects to follow the rules, policies and suggestions of Beavers Bend Lodging they cannot hold us responsible for their actions, accidents or neglect. Once your first payment is received, it is considered a rental agreement and is considered a legal and binding contract.

*Privacy Policy:

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. We will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

*Security Policy:

Our booking engine, uses a VeriSign Extended Validation SSL which gives Web site visitors an easy and reliable way to establish trust online. Only SSL Certificates with Extended Validation (EV) will trigger high security Web browsers to display a green address bar with the name of the organization that owns the SSL Certificate and the name of the Certificate Authority that issued it. The green bar shows site visitors that the transaction is encrypted and the organization has been authenticated according to the most rigorous industry standard.

*Wedding Policy:

Congratulations on your big day! We are pleased that you have chosen our cabin for your event.

We love weddings and events but please understand that this is a cabin and not a wedding chapel. We do not have the space to properly host a wedding and know that you will be moving and making a lot of rearrangements in the cabin to accommodate your needs. All in which take time to set up and time to take down. The below guidelines are designed through our past experience with weddings in our cabins.

* All weddings/receptions/events must be approved in advance of bookings.

* A check, cashier check or money order deposit of $500 is required for all weddings/receptions/events. (We cannot accept a credit card for the deposit) If the cabin is found in good condition and the below guidelines are followed, we will refund the deposit within 5 business days after departure. Photo will be taken of any deductions. The deposit is required within 30 days after the initial booking.

* For all events, there is an additional 13% cleaning and stocking fee that will automatically be added to your account. (Nonrefundable, no exceptions)

* No Early Arrivals or Late Departures. You will need extra time to prepare-for and break- down an event. We require a 3 night reservation stay for all events. Check-in time is any time after 3pm and check-out time is 11am. Please plan accordingly.

* During peak of season and holidays the area is too crowded to accommodate events.   Weddings only after Labor Day and before Memorial Day.

*  Groups of no more than 25 at any time.  We cannot accommodate large wedding groups.

*  Parking is limited. We suggest you rent other cabins in the area for additional parking or car-pool from another location. You cannot line cars down the street for additional parking it is a deed restriction violation.

*  No bands.  Outside music must be kept low to not disturb other cabin guests in the area. This too is a deed restriction violation. If the owner receives a ticket for a deed restriction violation, the cost will be deducted from the deposit.

*  The cabin must be completely vacant of all rental equipment by check out time of 11am. A storage fee will apply if we move or store equipment. (Deducted from your deposit)

* Upon departure, the cabin, furniture, patio furniture, grills, firepit, hammocks, etc. are to be put back as you found them. A cleaning fee will apply if the cabin is not in order. (deducted from your deposit)

* Please do not bring lights, etc that require hangers. We do not want our cabin walls damaged with things that need to be screwed into walls, etc. A fee will apply if the cabin walls are damaged or penetrated. (Deducted from your deposit)

We realize our rules are strict and will be difficult for most. If you would like assistance with other wedding/event locations, please refer to our party event list.

While visiting our area stop by our store and cabin rental office.

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