Group Cabins

Looking for cabins for your family reunion or group?

Looking for cabins near Beavers Bend State Park to host large groups, corporate retreats, church retreats or just to have fun with a great group of friends? Our large selection of group cabins are perfect. We know that large group trips are hard to plan, so our reservation specialists are on hand to help with your large group needs.

Please call 580-494-6639 for assistance

Below is a list of some of the most popular Beavers Bend Cabins to help make your planning a little easier.

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Call during Office Hours 7am – 6pm for any questions or help.

Last Resort Cabins

Southern Hills Cabins

Northern Hills Cabins

Woodland Circle Cabins

Procedure for reserving 3 or more cabins: 

We will hold a block of 3 to 10 cabins for a group on a tentative basis for up to 1 week and no longer than 30 days (based on the dates/management decision).  Less than 3 cabins are not considered a group.
Tentative reservations will be honored for dates that are scheduled 6 months from today. We will not accept short term tentative holds for dates less than 5 months out.

If you qualify for a tentative group reservation, the cabins will be reserved and the person making the arrangements will be our primary contact.

The primary contact can use their credit card information to hold 2 cabins only. The tentative hold allows time for each person to call and book their individual cabin.

Each individual person is responsible for their cabin and will need to call our office (cannot be reserved online) with contact and credit card information.

Once the cabin is claimed, a down payment of $50 per night will be required at the time of the confirmed reservation. Final payment is due 14 days prior to arrival.

All arrangements for cabin selection are totally between you and your guests.  We will not assist with holding cabins for a particular person without the down payment.  We accept all reservations on a first come, first serve basis.

We will accept purchase orders for school and government organizations.  The down payment can not be waived and is due at the time of reservation.

CANCELLATIONS: If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation the down payment will not be refunded. To avoid additional penalties, we require a 30-day notice of cancellation. Full rental payment will apply if reservations are canceled during the clause. If the cabin can be re-rented, we will refund you (less) the down payment. Your down payment is non-refundable