Museums of McCurtain County

Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum
Located at the entrance to Beavers Bend Resort Park. Admission fee. The Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum includes information about native animals such as their natural range and feeding habits.  This museum features 11 wildlife dioramas of habitat settings around Oklahoma and the surrounding region.  See and hear elk bugling on a crisp fall morning, wolves howling in a snowy arctic scene or see the fish that live in the legendary Fluecy Creek.

Nature Center
Located in Beavers Bend Resort Park. Admission is free. Learn more about animals native to the area and their habitats. The Nature Center also offers summer and fall programs.

Forest Heritage Center
Located in Beavers Bend Resort park. Admission is free. Learn about the history of forestry in the area, local hiking paths, or browse the gift shop. Visit during the fall to experience the best festival of the area

Museum of the Red River
Located in Idabel. Admission is free. The most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found was excavated in McCurtain County and it's cast is now on display at the Museum of the Red River in Idabel.